Wink & Nod

The Wink & Nod concept in Boston is speakeasy meets modern opium den. We wanted the space to feel thoughtfully eclectic taking cues from opulent Chinese-design along with the pragmatic sensibilities of the Prohibition era in America.

Rich gold and red Chinese dragon wallpaper with American 1920's imagery highlight the thoughtful duality we wanted to capture. 

The instinct when designing a space without windows is to brighten it up. We decided to go the other way with it, be bold and use it to our advantage. The backlit bar is a clear focal point on one side while the adjacent dining lounge is anchored by a vintage fireplace.

Deep wood finishes, dark paint and low lighting were essential. Dark wood captures the mood of a throwback speakeasy while the exposed wall sconces push light up, reflecting off the dark accents and walls, making the ceiling appear and feel higher than it is.